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cheap coach outlet a separate video and image microblogging, and the content of the latest series of implanted COACH, microblogging through the precise delivery platform for the corresponding TA was put. Such personalized advertising, not only expanded the brand influence, but also Enhance the consumer experience. More than 700 million active users of WeChat, as China 's fastest growing, the highest utilization rate of social media, one of the brand is undoubtedly a powerful platform. Friends of the circle of information flow advertising has typically become Another COACH 'marketing position.' This time, COACH in the circle of friends presented information flow advertising, including 'text video link'. For the digital platform and social media keen to COACH, COACH dream of women 2016 luxury goods To establish a positive social image of the good case. Users click on the ads displayed on the link in the circle of friends can directly enjoy the dream of 6 women 's inspirational story of the video. The series of short films launched to coach bags outlet

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coach outlet store inspire women To pursue their dreams and make unremitting efforts, through the different perspective of women in the field of occupation, to share their dream of the course of the process. In addition to the circle of friends put in the pre-heating stage of video production brand Produced 'Coach Dream Women δΈ¨ participate in the test, to win the Gifts!' H5 page, invite everyone to participate in interaction by adding COACH official micro-signal to understand their career Tendency of UGC activities. Harvest time, the real interpretation of life 'S pain, Thanksgiving time all the gift ... ... each stage of the pace of dreaming, because the inclusion of a different gift of life, and glow unique beauty of light. At present, the domestic love to buy luxury goods Are almost a staff of a COACH bag, where the charm of it in the end, perhaps it is the pursuit of the dream and tolerance is the success of the brand philosophy of counterattack. The appreciation of this series of films, these have a distinguished Career in coach purses outlet

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coach handbags outlet the success of women 's spiritual journey to arouse your sympathy. November 11, 2016, Chengdu - To celebrate the US high-end lifestyle fashion COACH 75th anniversary of the creation of the brand in Chengdu, Wangfujing, the total number of brands in Chengdu Wangfujing, House Road shop on the first floor atrium grand opening COACH 2016Holiday series concept store. By the exquisite chrome tanned leather to create the colorful 2016 Holiday series debut in Chengdu, the concept store from November 11 onwards for a week. As the design elements of the series of important inspiration: dinosaur family members Rexy, Woolly, Tricky and Steggy each presented by COACH interpretation of the very interesting fashion concept. The day of the event, Miss Luo Zilin dressed in COACH Rexy dinosaur turtleneck sweater debut, and witness the common brand COACH China first stop Holiday series concept store opening. Sweater on the dinosaurs lively, the New York will be fashionable way to be fun to show coach factory outlet

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